Our website representing Llangan Community Council, the Llangan, Treoes, St Mary Hill and Ruthin communities and the surrounding area

Llangan Community Council

Cyngor Cymuned a Llangan

The Community Council is an elected tier of local government. The other tier in Wales consists of county or county borough councils – in the case of Llangan: the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Llangan Community Council represents the villages of Llangan, Treoes, Ruthin and St Mary Hill. It consists of eight community councillors who are elected every five years by the local community, or are co-opted to the Council if vacancies are not filled via election. The members are volunteers, they all live locally and are committed to improving the local communities where they live and work. The Council and its members are actively engaged in protecting and improving the quality of life for all those living and working in our local area and protecting and supporting our rural community.

Full details concerning the members of the Council can be found on the Your Councillors page of the website.

 The Council’s key aims are:

  • provide a wide range of advice, information and support for the community and local voluntary groups.
  • identify concerns and issues and seek to develop solutions with other partner organisations
  • support community projects and groups or act as a link between public sector organisations and the community on a range of subjects including the environment, planning, community facilities, community safety and other issues affecting the area
  • to develop a picture of community needs in order to influence services and policies
  • to represent the views of the community

Llangan Community Council is a corporate body with a legal existence of its own quite separate from that of its members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The Council has been granted powers by the National Assembly for Wales, including the right to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend public money.


The Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except in August when there is no meeting. Occasionally we do have to change the date, so do check the Meetings and Agendas page for details to discuss local issues.  

Members of the public are welcome to attend our meetings which are held There is a public session at every meeting for you to express your views/ ask questions on matters on the agenda.  The agenda for each meeting is published here a few days before the meeting.  

Our policies and procedures

We have a range of policies and procedures that cover the running of the Council, the Welsh Language, how to complain, etc. For information on all our policies and procedures please go the Strategic Documents or Your Councillors section of our website.

Grant applications

Each year the Community Council awards small grants to local organisations to support their functions and activities. For full details of how you can apply for a grant, please read the following guide:

If your organisation would be interested in applying for a grant please download a copy of the application form here.


 If you have any questions please email the Clerk on llangancouncil@gmail.com or contact us here.

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