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Treoes History Group

There is no better way to explain the continued excitement and ongoing work of the Treoes History Group than by highlighting the quote below…

An old Treoes map

When we first gathered as a history group in Saron Vestry, one very chilly, damp winter’s evening several years ago, we never for one moment imagined that one day, our efforts would make it onto a website, but here it is!  History in the making!

Our first explorations focused mainly on living memories.  It was a real pleasure hearing and then compiling a wonderful collection of stories and anecdotes from Treoes residents.

As our knowledge grew, so too did our curiosity as we delved into times we knew absolutely nothing about.  It was quite an adventure.

(Ruth Sampson)

Huge amounts of work have been undertaken by the original group (Ruth Sampson, Ann Hibbs and Rob Owen) undertaking research and creating a history website which has been viewed by many around the world.  In the last two years the group has expanded and continued to gather stories, everyone agreeing the more that is researched  the more exciting  projects to undertake emerge!!  

Thanks to training provided by Gareth Kiddie in 2019 members of the group were shown many ways of interpreting history.  As a result, and with the enthusiasm and tech skills of  Rob Owen, the group created  a number of films, linked to the WWII school curriculum and took them to Llangan Primary School together with some older members of the community to discuss the history with the children. Everyone agreed the interaction and response was magical.

The Heritage Hub (previously the old Saron Vestry) will now become the physical home of the Treoes History Group .  Over time it is hoped to  expand the group, hold regular meetings, plan lots of exciting projects and exhibit all findings to villagers.

Llangan Primary School children 1965/66

Did you know?

  • Treoes used to be called Goston?
  • a very famous person lived here for 18 years?
  • we have a ghost in the village?
  • there is a hidden priest hole in the village?

There is of course much more to learn and if you wish to find out more please go to www.heritagehubtreoes.wales. Click the button under the first photo in the history section to see all that has been written so far.

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