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Music for Dementia

September 8, 2020

If you have a relative, or anyone you know, with dementia this organisation is worth looking at – Playlist for Life.

This is an email we received from them.

My name is Steve Dixon and I work for the dementia-music charity Playlist for Life covering the Vale of Glamorgan. We have been involved in promoting our free services that might be of interest to older people and carers living in your communities.

Playlist for Life is focused on bringing some fun and positivity to older people living with dementia who have been sheltering in lockdown. The soundtracks to their lives, the music they grew up with, can play a part in providing mental and emotional well-being to them in these times.

Here’s Harry and Margaret’s story, which is a lovely example:

We are working with the Alzheimer’s Society, Age Connects, Music for the Brain, care homes, carers, relatives and appointees to promote the value of playlists.

For example, I am currently supporting the team at Torfaen Age Connects to make playlists for older people sheltering at home. They have recognised the value of bringing some pleasure to their clients and invested in MP3 players, which I am currently adding playlists to – a positive example of working together in lockdown.

Playlist for Life has a good online resource section, where people have been reading and downloading forms to help create playlists and musical memories.

The BBC Musical Memories project is a partner, providing a wealth of material to create people’s playlists.

More information:

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